5 Places to Visit in Winter Holodays

Trying to elude the chilly Winter Christmas? How about escaping into tropical places and celebrating the holiday season under the warm sun by some white sand and blue ocean water?

1. Goa (India)


The pleasing climate, beautiful beaches, and rich greeneries all screams relaxation. Lay out a blanket on the beach sand a few hours before midnight of the 24th and experience the fireworks light up the night sky. The food is exceptionally good during the Christmas season and don’t forget the famous Goa dessert, Bebinca.

2. Canary Island (Spain)


The island is packed with sand dunes, a hundred or so volcanoes, vast beaches, and cutting-edge art. If you’re visiting this holiday season, a pastry filled with candied pumpkin and sweet potato which is a classic.

3. Palm Springs (California)


You cannot find any snow in Palm Springs but they all got you covered for the Christmas season. The sunniest city in U.S. has good hotels, good restaurants, and the people are in great spirit making it one of the fun city to spend the holiday.

4. Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic)


Best known for its beaches and famous resorts, tourists flocks Puerto Plata for its scenic views which are best viewed on top on Mount Isabel del Torres. There’s a Christmas tradition in the Dominican Republic to replace old things such as clothes but no worries, shops and boutiques are all over the place you can find new ones. Another tradition is to paint the houses with bright colors to welcome the coming New Year.

5. George Town (Malaysia)


Good and cheap food, satisfy your taste buds with Malaysian food, it wasn’t called ‘food paradise’ for nothing. The Malaysian-Chinese UNESCO World Heritage Site is rich in beautiful architectural designs that lined the streets.


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