Watch Bill Clinton’s Reaction When Trump Says The Women Bill Raped Are In The Audience


Bill Clinton demonstrated no feeling as Donald Trump raised his previous assault allegations amid the second presidential civil argument Sunday night.

The previous president stayed stone-confronted when the camera panned to him in the group.

“Bill Clinton was oppressive to ladies,” Trump said to the group of onlookers at Washington University. “Hillary Clinton assaulted those same ladies and assaulted them violently.”

“On the off chance that you take a gander at Bill Clinton — far more awful. Mine are words and his were activities. There’s never been anyone in the historical backdrop of governmental issues in this country that has been so damaging to ladies.”

“So don’t inform me regarding words,” he said. “I completely, I apologize to those words. … When Hillary raises a point that way and she discusses words that I said 11 years prior, I believe it’s shocking, and I think she ought to be embarrassed about herself.”


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