The 11-Step Guide To Scoring Three Pairs Of Yeezy Shoes


Despite the fact that Kanye told the 20,000 attendees of his Madison Square Garden “fashion show” this week that he has plans to make Yeezy Boosts more accessible and cheaper, it’s still incredibly hard to cop a pair. As evidence: Tomorrow marks the second drop of the black 350s, and the only way you can score a pair (besides being as famous as Big Sean, Jay Z, or Virgil Abloh, in which case they were probably hand-delivered to you by Mrs. West), you have to get on a wait list for a chance to buy them. The success rate seems slim, to say the least, but today we found out about someone who’s already reserved three pairs for herself and her boyfriend.

Step 1: « I downloaded the Adidas Confirmed app and set notifications for when @adidasconfirmed tweeted. »